Holistic Wellness Coaching

Together we will assess where you currently are in your process, the most impactful places to begin working, and set a living blueprint for your path moving forward. I will be your confidant to challenge, encourage, and support you as well as offer guidance and accountability in the process of self-discovery and personal transformation. Some areas we may explore together: THE BODY -Principles of a whole-food diet, optimal digestion, gut health & fasting safely. -Cleansing the body of toxins & reducing toxic exposure -Utilizing herbal medicine, plant & mushrooms -Ensuring regular, rejuvenating rest & sleep -Daily adequate movement THE MIND -Understanding the unique constellation of our personality system -Becoming a compassionate witness & leader to our thoughts/emotions -Recognizing our programming -Identifying the qualities & felt sense of embodying our core self THE EMOTIONAL BODY -Assessing our capacity for feeling emotion & finding balance -Listening to the messages behind our feelings, naming feelings & needs -Learning to safely ride emotional waves -Discerning if our reactions are based in the present or the past -Becoming a caretaker to our inner children THE SPIRIT -Understanding & clarifying our belief system -Identifying core values & building character -Making amends & tying up karmic loose ends -Finding forgiveness for ourselves and others -Connecting with our inner state of calm, compassion, courage, creativity, clarity & confidence RELATIONSHIPS -Learning to use our relationships as mirrors to better understand our shadow aspects & core values -Creating deeper intimacy with others -Asserting and holding healthy boundaries -Learning to communicate effectively during conflict PURPOSE -Are we meandering from distraction to distraction or walking our path with intention? -What are our gifts, and talents? -What is holding us back from having greater purpose & fulfillment? Package is a minimum of four sessions and can be done weekly or bi-monthly. This service includes assessments, recommended reading, and at-home directives.

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