Cannabis Consulting

Whether you currently use cannabis or are new to this plant, we will work together to discover how cannabis can be a useful ally in your life. With more than a decade in the medical cannabis field and working with numerous clients one-on-one, I will help you navigate the medicinal cannabis space so that you can get the most out of this plant. These consultations are a combination of cannabis education to empower you to make the best decisions and collaborative discussion around creating your personal protocol. In our sessions you will learn about --using cannabis medicinally as opposed to using cannabis as an escape --the endocannabinoid system and why it is important for overall health --compounds found in the cannabis plant and their function --full-spectrum medicines vs isolates --different modes of delivery, pros and cons of each --what to look for and how to choose the best products from your local dispensary --how to safely experiment with new products to prevent unwanted side effects or negative experiences --how to counteract unwanted side effects of THC --the psychological impact of THC and how to navigate the subconscious mind.

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