Meet Ana

My Mission

"As you start to walk on the way, the way appears," -Rumi

My mission is to help guide you into closer alignment with nature and your Spirit, strengthening your vital life force and tapping into the power of your body's natural healing potential. We approach this with medicinal plants & mushrooms, food, lifestyle adjustments and compassionate self-inquiry.  

As your holistic coach, I aim to create a comforting space for authentic connection and transformational conversation where all parts of you are welcome.  Together, we will dive beneath the surface, examining the assumptions, perspectives, values, and beliefs that influence the behaviors and habits that shape your reality.  

As you learn to compassionately embrace yourself with radical self-honesty, connect with your core values, integrate your rejected shadow aspects, and dismantle limiting beliefs, you will be able to shed the mechanical layers of programming that keep you stuck in your patterns.  

Through this process you will be empowered to step fully into your life to heal your body, discover your higher purpose, embrace and embody your true self.  When led by your courageous, curious, calm, creative, compassionate selves, you will tap into the natural flow of life, finding more joy and meaning in every moment.

Issues that I have Overcome

Childhood/teenage obesity, binge eating, addiction to sugar

System-wide candida overgrowth

Addiction to television, distraction, dissociation

Work/process addiction (hustling for worthiness)

Chronic depression, existential depression, "dark night of the soul"

Codependent & emotionally abusive relationships

Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder with recurring emotional flashbacks, hyper-vigilance, general anxiety, meltdowns/shutdowns

Total emotional numbness, disconnection from feelings & the body

Extreme social anxiety, social avoidance

Constant "inner battles" of conflicting thoughts/ desires that led to paralyzing indecision

Debilitating perfectionism leading to total lack of action


Bachelor of Arts, Psychology & Art History, 2009, University of Minnesota

Certified Professional Herbalist, 2019

Northwest School for Botanical Studies, Christa Sinadinos

Level I Internal Family Systems Theory Practitioner, 2020, Stepping Stones, IFSCA, Derek Scott

Transformational Recovery Coach;

Preperation/Integration of Entheogenic Medicines, 2022

Being True to You, Deanne Adamson

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