Ana's Herbal

& Integrative Coaching



My name is

Ana Mary

I am a


Wellness Coach

Medicine Maker


& Plant Lover

My mission is to help others align with their innate evolutionary healing mechanism, creating deeper and more compassionate connection with themselves, their loved ones, and their community.‚Äč

Healing through Wholeness

Integrative holistic coaching operates within the reality that every part of our being, as well as our relationships and environment, are interconnected vital components. Working together, we will address these aspects over time and in the order that makes sense for their unique life path.

The Body

Our Temple

Principles of a whole-food diet, optimal digestion, gut health & fasting safely

Cleansing the body of toxins & reducing toxic exposure

Utilizing herbal medicine, plant & mushroom allies.

Ensuring regular, rejuvenating rest & sleep.

Daily adequate movement

The Spirit

True North

Understanding & clarifying our belief system.

Identifying core values & building character.

Making amends & closing karmic loose ends.

Connecting with our inner state of calm, compassion, courage, creativity, curiosity, clarity, and confidence.

Finding forgiveness for ourselves and others.

The Emotional Body

Inner Children

Assessing our capacity for feeling emotion & finding balance.

Learning to ride emotional waves.

Listening to the messages behind our feelings, naming our feelings & needs.

Discerning if our reactions are based on the present moment or on the past.

Creating a loving relationship with our inner children.

The Mind


Becoming an observer of our thoughts.

Understanding the unique constellation of our inner system of personality parts.

Identifying the qualities and felt sense of embodying our core self.

Recognizing our programming.
Befriending the inner critic.



Learning to use our relationships as mirrors to better understand our shadow aspects.

Learning when to pause, take a break, and communicate effectively when triggered.

Asserting and holding healthy boundaries as well as respecting other's boundaries.

Identifying control patterns in ourselves and others.



Are we floating from distraction to distraction or do we have a sense of purpose?

What are our gifts, talents?

Do we have a sense of general fulfillment?

What impact do we have on those closest to us, our community, the world?

"The leaves of the tree were for the healing of the nations,"

-Revelations 22:2
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